Forbes Magazine Published Article about Litecoin and Namecoin

Time has indeed changed for the obscure world of alternate crypto currencies, when the well circulated and reputable financial publication Forbes magazine starts publishing articles regarding not only Litecoin but also Namecoin. Here is the link to the article: . Here are the two notable quotes:

Following yesterday’s news that Bitcoin had passed the $1000 mark, the halo effect continues this morning with the crypto-currency market capitalization site reporting that Litecoin has joined the billion dollar virtual currency club. Litecoin is currently trading at $48.99 with a market cap of $1.14 billion dollars (as of writing).

(Update; Namecoin, yet another virtual currency passed the $100 million dollar valuation threshold today.)

Just as everyone are still slowly discover Bitcoin, the existence of alt-coins will surprise them even more!

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